The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is backing a bill that would bully small businesses, ministries, families, women and children into compromising their beliefs and privacy.

The bill, HB 160, would require businesses, schools, ministries and even churches to allow biological men into women’s locker rooms, restrooms, and changing areas. It would also force small business owners with religious beliefs about marriage to participate in same-sex weddings.

Every day Ohioans of all religions do business, go to school, and live life with their LGBT neighbors. Ohio is a diverse state. We should be celebrating that, yet HB 160 creates division.

Click here to read more about HB 160 bullies Ohioans.

Take Action!

HB 160 is getting a hearing in the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee on Wednesday, Jan 31 at 9:30 a.m. The committee needs to hear from you to oppose this bill that would eliminate privacy rights and religious freedom.


Dear Representative,

Ohio is a tolerant and diverse state. HB 160 however, creates division.

This legislation violates the privacy and safety rights of women and children, and unnecessarily eliminates religious freedoms.

Please oppose HB 160 today.

Thank you

Committee Members
Representative Louis W. Blessing III  – [email protected]
Representative Bill Reineke – [email protected]
Representative Kathleen Clyde – [email protected]
Representative Keith Faber – [email protected]
Representative Timothy E. Ginter – [email protected]
Representative Dave Greenspan – [email protected]
Representative Brigid Kelly – [email protected]
Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent  – [email protected]
Representative P. Scott Lipps  – [email protected]
Representative Dorothy Pelanda  – [email protected]
Representative Bill Seitz  – [email protected]
Representative Ryan Smith – [email protected]
Representative Martin J. Sweeney – [email protected]
Representative Cliff Rosenberger –  [email protected]

How to Have Your Voice Heard

Issues like HB 160 have sparked controversy throughout the country. While we want to passionately defend the privacy rights of women and children, and the religious freedom rights of all Ohioans, we want to do so respectfully in a manner that is reflective of Christ’s love for all people.

Remember these four rules for speaking with lawmakers, friends, and family that disagree with you on HB 160 and you’ll have a much more constructive dialogue.

Value People

We believe that each person has inherent value. Therefore, we believe the way we talk, write, and think about other people should reflect their intrinsic worth and value, regardless of philosophical, religious, or ideological disagreements.

Be Positive

We believe we live in the greatest nation on earth. While we will fight vigorously for the things we hold dear, we will conduct ourselves in a way that reflects the gratitude we hold for the unmerited favor we enjoy as Americans.

Be Professional

We believe that excellence is crucial to effectiveness. We believe our conduct, our speech, and any work product should be professional and are committed to ensuring that everything we do meets the highest standards of professionalism.

Be Thoughtful

Personal, emotional issues should be dealt with in a considerate and thoughtful way. We do not believe anyone is obligated to agree with us. Therefore, as we endeavor to persuade others of the rightness of our cause, we are committed to focus our discussion on ideas, not people.

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