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April 9th, 2014

You Are Invited to Celebrate Our 31st Year of Ministry With Us:

2014 CCV Spring Partnership Banquet – “For Such A Time As This” – Tuesday April 29th

FEATURING Keynote Speaker: Joseph Backholm

Joseph Backholm is the Executive Director of Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) and FPIW Action. FPIW coordinates with 38 family policy councils who advocate for families. FPIW advocates on behalf of marriage, life, religious freedom, and parental rights. In 2012, Joseph was Chariman of Preserve Marriage Washington, a campaign to support the definition of marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman in Washington State. His experience will teach us important lessons about our task and challenge ahead in Ohio protecting marriage and religious freedom.

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Huge Victory For Freedom – Compliments of Mississippi

April 2nd, 2014

Great News: The Mississippi State House and State Senate has passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act:

This is a victory for all who love freedom for all Americans. You will recall that similar bills in Arizona and Ohio, modeled after the federal 1993 RFRA, were derailed earlier this year in the midst of hysteria fostered by “deeply misleading” lies from same-sex marriage activists, liberal politicians, and their allies in the mainstream media. We applaud Mississippi’s courage to stand up for the facts and basic rights of all citizens. As President Clinton said when he signed the Federal RFRA into law in 1993, ”This law basically says that the government should be held to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone’s free exercise of religion.” It’s our sincere hope that other states and their legislators will stand up for unalienable human rights of speech and religious liberty of all Americans. Be Encouraged – Freedom and truth will win out over deception and intolerance! And CCV will continue to lead the way to promote, protect, and defend religious freedom in Ohio. 

Our friends at Family Research Council released this statement Tuesday night applauding leadership in Mississippi: [READ MORE...]

Stand with Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom for All Americans

March 25th, 2014

I stand for Green family smrOn March 26, 2014, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods go before the Supreme Court to defend their right to operate their businesses in accordance with their faith. Both companies have refused to comply with HHS regulations that mandate they offer insurance policies which include contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortifacient drugs.

Hobby Lobby faces $1.3 million in punishing fines PER DAY if they lose this case OR having to cancel the health coverage for all their employees. It is imperative that religious and conservative Americans demonstrate that a large portion of the American public remains committed to the full expression of religious liberty—as envisioned by our founders, and guaranteed by our Constitution.

CCV is proud to partner with Family Research Council and pro-family organizations throughout the nation to support the #HobbyLobbyDay campaign!

Join us in taking unified action to show our support for religious freedom for all Americans!

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CCV IN THE NEWS: Ohio Same-Sex Marriage Groups Allude to Real Agenda

February 13th, 2014

Pay attention to the words we have bolded in the Columbus Dispatch article in which CCV’s Phil Burress is quoted. Michael Premo, the campaign manager sent in from New Jersey for Equality Ohio’s “Why Marriage Matters” campaign, has just alluded to their true beliefs about religious freedom: an inconvenient obstruction in the way of their agenda.

The campaign to legalize same-sex marriage is not just about same-sex marriage; it’s also about undermining religious freedom and eventually even forcing churches (“religious institutions”) to perform same-sex marriages.

Tuesday, you read Joseph Backholm’s article about what’s transpiring in Washington state after they legalized same-sex marriage. Before Christmas, you read about how same-sex marriage activists turned on and tried to kill religious protections once they had enough votes in New Jersey. You’ve read the Undeniable stories about attacks on religious freedom.

You’ve seen where Americans who disagree with homosexual behavior or activities (like same-sex wedding ceremonies) are being forced to violate their beliefs or face punishment by the State. Now we’re getting an indication of what same-sex marriage could mean for people of faith, small businesses, religious schools, even pastors and churches right here in Ohio.

Show Your Support for Religious Freedom and the Ohio RFRA Bill

February 11th, 2014

Constitution and Declaration of Independence on Grungy Betsy RosNEW Update Page for Ohio RFRA: Check it Out & Show Your Support by Sending a Brief Letter in Support of the Bill

The Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is currently in the House Judiciary Committee. In order to keep you updated on the bill’s progress, CCV Action has just published a NEW webpage devoted to the Ohio RFRA.

This page will serve to update you on the progress of the Ohio RFRA bill as well as provide you with corresponding ways to show your support and help the bill move forward into law. The page contains background on the bill, resources, current status updates, and ways to help right now!

Check out the new page and SHARE it with your friends: http://www.ccv.org/ohiorfra/

Currently, the best way that you can help the bill is to write a brief Letter of Support.

Go the bottom of the Ohio RFRA webpage (link listed above) for guidelines and brief instructions–it’s very easy and not time-consuming. Your letter of support, presented to the Committee Chair along with hundreds more, is a powerful, effective way to move the bill forward!

Please write your letter of support as soon as possible and CLICK HERE to email us a copy (a WORD document is fine).

Thank You!