Pastor Tim Talks With WBEX Radio

January 26th, 2016

ThrockmortonClick here to listen to the radio broadcast on WBEX with CCV Board member and Pastor of Crossroads Church (Circleville), Rev. Tim Throckmorton.  Pastor Tim gives great resources for Pastor’s and talks about AWAKE 88, the importance of this election, and how you can be the salt and light of your community.

Press Conference with David Pickup

January 5th, 2016

David PickupMr. David Pickup a licensed psychotherapist in two states, and a national lobbyist for the Therapy Equality rights organization.  Informs the people of Cincinnati that City Council has approved an ordinance that will certainly harm groups of Cincinnati children and parents, and that will violate their state and constitutional rights to free speech and their pursuit of personal happiness and this ordinance was passed primarily through the lies and misleading or cherry-picking of information reported to the city council by Councilman Chris Seelbach in order to push his personal agenda onto the public.

Click here to read the article “Reparative” Therapy ban in Cincinnati”

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2016 CCV’s January Courier

January 4th, 2016

0116 CCV Courier_Page_1The City of Cincinnati hit the news on December 9, 2015 as being the first city in the United States to prohibit access to needed counseling for minors who have unwanted same-sex attractions.

Those who supported the ordinance claim it will help prevent suicides. In my experience, after speaking with dozens of ex-homosexuals, I have found that the majority of people who have same-sex attractions were abused as children.  To deny counseling to minors who have been abused and as a result have unwanted same-sex attractions could cause more suicides.

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Signature Needed – De-Funding Planned Parenthood

December 29th, 2015

all lives matter

The Center for Medical Progress has documented the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood who are selling the body parts of aborted children to research companies for profit.  The videos can be viewed here

The callous and disrespectful way that the Planned Parenthood executives discuss the methods they use to obtain the most number of sellable “human tissue” body parts is worse than recorded discussion during the Nazi Nuremberg trials.

A hundred of organizations around Ohio have written a letter to Governor Kasich to remove all taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood as well as all medical facilities who perform abortions. Please add your name to the letter, noting your zip code. You could also indicate the name of your church or parish as a means of identification.

PRESS RELEASE – City of Cincinnati will be sued

December 10th, 2015


CINCINNATI – Cincinnati City Council has once again overstepped its role as a City.  Licensing of counselors is the authority of the state, as are the instructions and limits on those counselors.  To date NOT ONE bit of evidence has been brought forward of forced counseling or counselor misbehavior.  City Council has over-reacted to urban myths, banning a recognized therapy and inappropriately intervened between families and doctors.The reality is that doctors and licensed counselors do not “convert” homosexuals to heterosexuality, instead they work with heterosexuals who are struggling with various feelings, including UNWANTED same-sex attraction.  Therapy against someone’s will does not work, and is not ethical.

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